Monday, December 31, 2007

In the mall... last trip to the mall before 2008. Oh the joy! I'm not too fond of malls, or shopping for that matter, but being with my family (and the WONDERFUL vanilla snow) made it all worth it. Talk to you later!


(PS...we got 50 posts in before 2008! HOORAY!!!!!)

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sermons, Songs, and Beautiful Buildings

Today was Sunday. But today was much different than any other Sunday. We joined Uncle Mad and Aunt Maddy at their own church. It was an experience I won't soon forget. We arrived at the MIZZOU campus early, and walked along a well-groomed path to a small chapel. I was a little apprehensive, just like I am before we visit any new church. But when we walked into the door, all of that melted away. My entire family (EVERYONE) was greeted with a warm handshake, and smiling faces. Not the cheesy ones...but the real genuine ones. I love that. We began with a few rousing hymns (there were no instruments, but that just caused the voices and harmony to sound even more beautiful), communion and prayers, then the sermon. By the way that the people in the congregation responded to the preacher, you could see that they were eager to hear God's word, and I'm pretty sure nobody fell asleep. We ended up staying for awhile afterwards visiting with different members of the church. I left there convicted, and built up in God's word. I am looking forward to our next visit. Here are some pictures of the building, and that which surrounded it. The huge clock that you see is the main part. We were in a smaller building on the side. The others should speak for themselves.

In Christ,


Saturday, December 29, 2007

Evening Thoughts

If you saw that right, it says "Wise shall be the bearers of light". It is on the MIZZOU campus near Uncle Mad's office. It caught my eye, so I snapped a picture of it. I thought that it was interesting how the campus is not a necessarily a Christian one, but God's truth is there, even when people don't acknowledge it. Wisdom is a prized thing in the Bible. More precious than all the wealth you can have, because it is of God.

Back to God's truth being everywhere...I just find it amazing that God and his laws are there, and we can't do anything about it! Some people even acknowledge them, without acknowledging God (murder, stealing, etc etc etc). It is so amazing! That's about all I have for you tonight. More pictures and videos to come!

In Christ,


Uncle Mad's Laboratory

I told you I would share our scientific outing with you, so here goes!

Elizabeth wasn't too happy about me filming, as you might have observed ;) Let me explain it a little bit for you. Uncle Mad's prime lab, as you might have heard, is where he and his students study media, and how people react to it. The experiment that Caitlin and Elizabeth were acting out (and I was filming yet again) was actually one where they study reactions to anti-smoking commercials. Caitlin was the "researcher", keeping watch over Elizabeth's heart rate, and a few other things on the screen (as you should see up there). That's what all of the sensors were for. It was all very interesting. The pictures should be pretty self-explanatory. I hope you enjoyed them! More to come later...

In Christ,

Paige =)

Friday, December 28, 2007


Greetings from Missouri!!!!!!! This is Paige here, acting as the journalist (again) for our holiday travels. We arrived here last night, and have already had such an eventful day! Our first experience was this afternoon, when Grace, Christopher, and I had our very first experience at Booche's, a world famous burger place! Take a look...

Christopher was very tempted to "call them hogs". You see...he was fascinated with the idea of the fame of being kicked out of the restaurant, namely the well loved Booches. Luckily he wasn't curious enough to see if it would work. As you probably saw, the burgers are served on little squares of wax paper. They don't have fries or desert either, which makes them all the more particular of the quality of their burgers. I must say that mine was very tasty. If you look at the pictures below, grandfather and Christopher enjoyed theirs as well =) On a side note, the picture of the grill down there may seem rather unimportant. But given the history of people photographing it (the chefs don't like pictures to be taken of it), I was lucky to get it. My technique was to snap it through the mirror hanging on the wall in front of me. If you look closely, the chef behind it looks like he was smiling at me. I think he found me out. If he did know, I'm glad he let me keep it :) After we finished our meals, we ventured out into the FREEZING COLD ( I don't like it colder than about 62 F) to take our picture in front of the window. So, other than the COLD weather, we had a wonderful time and are very grateful that our Uncle Mad took us with him (<3 you Uncle Mad!). That concluded our first adventure of the day. I'll fill you in on our visit to Uncle Mad's lab later ;) I hope you are having a blessed week!

Rejoicing in Christ,