Thursday, March 1, 2007

Festival 2007 Pics Part One

They aren't exactly in the right order, but here is round one. And this time I WILL be getting part two and three...maybe four up. I have to do it in small groups. Enjoy! Oh, if you see yourself on there and don't want to be up there, just tell me and I will take you off.

This is Charne and I on the bus together. What a wonderful ride that was!

Here is Pastor Eddie in front of the million dollar organ. A fitting picture =)

Some of my sisters in Christ on the bus.

Here are some of our guys on water and snack break Friday night. You really learn to drink a ton of water on these trips.

Here are some of the sponsors and Elizabeth Friday night on break. I believe that is a sponsor's hand sneaking in...

One of my great friends and I eating caramel apple suckers. Yum =)

Grace and some of our sweet young ladies out of the bus for a stretch.

Here is a view on the ladies bus.

This is before we leave. Like I said, they are out of order...

The student pastor, his wife, and my friend playing the guitar before we left.

Here we are boarding the bus. A long day ahead of us.

I hope you enjoyed round one! Have a blessed day!

Paige =)

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