Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Greetings Everyone!

Caitlin here, to explain our absence from the blog lately. We are very sorry we haven't been able to maintain regular posts, but we are having issues with our computer right now. Our screen has taken to blinking and changing colors (and sometimes there are shapes that look like little faces!), when we have our computer on for a long amount of time. It eventually goes completely white and we have to try and restart it again. We are looking for a way to get this fixed, but until then we will be having a hard time blogging. We have some neat posts planned on purity for you all to look forward to though! I hope everyone is having a blessed week!


Thursday, March 8, 2007

Hope for Hannah

Hello everyone, I just wanted to encourage you all to visit our newest link in our website section, "Hope for Hannah". This is a website for a young friend of ours who was in a bad car accident. The website seeks to glorify God by meeting the needs of our brothers and sisters in Christ. You will find all of the details on the website. Keep checking it, there should be updates soon. Another post should be coming quickly...but I am off to work right now. If you have anything that you would like to see us post on, feel free to tell us by contacting us at our blog email (see sidebar). Thank you for all of your patience!

In Christ,

Paige =)

Friday, March 2, 2007

The last of the Trilogy...

Here is the last part of the pictures. There are tons more...but this is what I can put up. My camera battery is getting quite weak. Once again, enjoy!

Here is a group picture at El Chico with our good friends, Caitlin, and I.

Here are friends at El Chico.

Here is Elizabeth and some of our sweet young ladies.

Some more of our good friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Arkanblogger having a lovely dinner.

More of our friends.

And some you can see we have a rather large group. =)

A brother and sisiter in our group. Sibling love =)

Of all the simple things in life, you would think I would be able to turn that picture around. Oh well. Here is our friend and her "taco salad". We were all quite amazed at its size.

A group of our guys having fun together.

Group pic! There I am with some friends.

One of our sponsors and a group of guys with him. Looks like they were having fun =)

A sponsor and one of our guys talking together.

GOOD MORNING!!! We look SO sleepy...I think it was seven something. Up at about five I think. Oy.

I did not see many pretty things in Waco. This was an exception. There were some other very pretty homes.

Myself and friends again at lunch on Sunday. Our last time in the Baylor cafeteria.

Here is our choir together with our director and trophie. What a beautiful day it was.

Here is our last rehearsal before the gran performance. It was amazing. You see the Baylor orchestra before you. Those are some of our memories from Festival at Baylor, 2007.

Paige =)

Part Two of Festival 2007!

Here are a few more of the pictures that I will be posting. There are still more to come. Enjoy!

Here we have Mr. and Mrs. Arkanblogger with our dear friends who came as sponsors.

During rehearsals some of our sponsors went to the Dr. Pepper museum. It looks like they had fun!

Here are all 300 of us up on the risers for rehearsals. I am in the far left section of girls. It reminds me of "Where's Waldo??" =)

Mmmm...chocolate mint ice cream!

Here's Grace eating some vanilla ice cream after a wonderful lunch.

Say "CHEESE!" =)

Caitlin and our good friend at lunch time.

One of the best parts of the trip was hearing the Baylor men's choir sing for us. This picture was taken during a hilarious song about a man who loved a woman but she turned him down because smelled like this really good fish dish. A little confusing...but extremely entertaining!

Z-pac (one name I can use) and another one of our guys being goofy.

The guy up top was our soprano and alto coach. Below him you see Grace and friends.

Elizabeth, our choir's soprano coach, and friend enjoying the wonderful bubbly floats. Got Dr. Pepper?? =)

Some of our guys clearly enjoying break time.

Here are two of our sponsors serving the Dr. Pepper floats...from buckets. Despite their containers, they were wonderful.

I hope you enjoyed part two of the festival pictures! I am on a roll now. Expect part three soon!


Thursday, March 1, 2007

Festival 2007 Pics Part One

They aren't exactly in the right order, but here is round one. And this time I WILL be getting part two and three...maybe four up. I have to do it in small groups. Enjoy! Oh, if you see yourself on there and don't want to be up there, just tell me and I will take you off.

This is Charne and I on the bus together. What a wonderful ride that was!

Here is Pastor Eddie in front of the million dollar organ. A fitting picture =)

Some of my sisters in Christ on the bus.

Here are some of our guys on water and snack break Friday night. You really learn to drink a ton of water on these trips.

Here are some of the sponsors and Elizabeth Friday night on break. I believe that is a sponsor's hand sneaking in...

One of my great friends and I eating caramel apple suckers. Yum =)

Grace and some of our sweet young ladies out of the bus for a stretch.

Here is a view on the ladies bus.

This is before we leave. Like I said, they are out of order...

The student pastor, his wife, and my friend playing the guitar before we left.

Here we are boarding the bus. A long day ahead of us.

I hope you enjoyed round one! Have a blessed day!

Paige =)