Saturday, February 10, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

This is for my Daddy, The Arkanblogger, and is my present to him for Valentine's Day (since was the one who had us start blogging in the first place:~). Please read it, and I encourage you to go and thank your fathers for everything they have done for you.

This Valentine's Day I would like to thank my Daddy for being the father that God has called him to be and let him know I am blessed to have him for my father. Here is a list of things my Dad does and that I would like to thank him for:

1. He is the spiritual head of our household
2. He has supported us financially by working so hard and being gone, sometimes for weeks on different trips for his company.
3. He is always there to talk to (something I like to take advantage of at inconvenient times;~).
4. He is our protector (waiting with shotgun in hand for the first suitor to come along;~).
5. He stands in the brink for his family and I know he would protect us to the death.
6. He shares bits of wisdom with us that he finds in his search for God's truth in all things.
7. He encourages his children to grow in their talent, and listens (almost) tirelessly to the sound of two pianos going at the same time, every day.
8. He sets an example of what a Godly man is that we may know what one looks like.
9. He goes shopping with his daughters and helps them to protect their purity by guiding us in what is modest or not (starting the petition for "Daddy chairs" outside dressing rooms in all department stores).
10. He teaches his son daily what it means to be a man.
11. He teaches all of his children to be seekers of the truth.
12. He loves his wife and by doing so shows his children how love between spouses should be.
13. He leads by example, and teaches his children to do so as well.

My father does all of these things and more. I have memories of things I have done with him that I will cherish all my life. Hiking Pinnacle Mountain at sunrise, going for a drive, talks until midnight about faith and and being a follower of Christ. One of the more recent ones may be a little long, but I will share it with you anyways. I was on a business trip with my Dad in Jackson TN. I had gone with him so I could see Alena, who had just moved to FL and was visiting her Grandmother in Jackson at the time. This was in November, and at the time there was a movie in theaters called "Facing the Giants". My sisters and I had just gotten back from a Christian film festival in San Antonio where we had heard much about the film, and had even gotten to meet the producer, but we hadn't seen it. Our parents though, went to see it while were at that same film festival and loved it, so us four girls were determined to see it. Back to Jackson, we were driving through the city looking for our hotel when I saw a sign for movie theater that was showing "Facing the Giants" and "Unidentified", another Christian film that we had heard about at the festival. My dad said if I wanted to go that he would take me to see one of the movies. I said OK, but not "Facing the Giants", for I felt that would mean a sure and sudden death when I got home if I went without my sisters. My father however, kept pushing me to go see "Facing the Giants" telling me I would really like it, and that he would take the others to see it when we got home, I still said no, feeling like I would be operating outside the codes of sibling fairness. When we got to the theater however, and I looked at my Dad's face when the movie attendant said "Unidentified" was "something about the rapture" I gave in and we got two tickets for "Facing the Giants". We were very early, and for awhile were the only ones in the theater which was in a bad part of town, and my Dad took the opportunity to give me a self-defense lesson. He asked me if I knew what he would use for a weapon if someone tried to attack, and then proceeded to point out these objects around the theater. Lucky for us, though we didn't know it at the time, this was the only theater in Jackson screening "Facing the Giants". So about time for the movie to start, a nice sized church group showed up. So the movie started and the sound system in the theater was not the best, but you could hear everything. It took just a few minutes and I was engaged in the film. It is a wonderful movie, but the one thing I was thinking the whole time, was "why am I not crying?" Almost everyone who had gone to see it told me I would cry (which is a big thing because I don't cry very easily. "My Dog Skip" was one of the only movies I had ever really cried for). It would come to these wonderful moving parts and my heart would ache with joy or sorrow, but I still wouldn't cry. Finally, it is coming to the end of the movie and nary a tear had been shed when something happens. The character in the movie named David has to go out out for a field goal that could win the game. His father, who is in a wheelchair sees what is happening and knowing that his son is scared does something that I will never forget. He goes to the end of the field behind the goal, and he stands for his son. The second I saw that man start going towards the goal I knew what was happening, and I started to cry. In fact, I was crying so hard that I was shaking with quiet sobs. My Daddy thought I was laughing and looked to see if I was OK, then saw that I was crying and tried to comfort me. I kept crying, but not as hard, even after we left the theater. In the car, on the way to Cracker Barrel for dinner, my dad asked me why I was crying like that, wondering if it might be something bad, or that he was a bad father because his daughter was crying, and all I could get out without breaking down again was that is wasn't anything bad. But after we got to the restaurant and I had blown my long-suffering nose, I told him something like this: "Daddy, the reason I was crying wasn't because you don't do those things for me, it was because you do. You stand for me just like that man did for his son, in so many ways. I was also crying because Christ stood for me, and still does stand for me." That is my father, a man who stands for his family, one who loves his family and sacrifices himself for his family. He is my Valentine and I want to thank him and tell him that all of us, his family, love him very much.

In Christ,


Chremo Kid said...

I really liked that alot.

Alena said...

Absolutely beautiful, Caitlin. I'm sure that your dad really appreciated the honor you paid him. Ilove you and your dad. Happy Valentine's Day to all of you.

Arkanblogger Family said...

Sweet Caitlin, I had to sit on that one for a little bit because as you know, this little Valentine left me a bit speechless. Oh my goodness, you set the bar pretty high for your old pop. I still don't know how to respond except to say that I am blessed to be your father. I am blessed to walk beside you in this life. I pray that you get to experience a relationship with children of your own one day. And I love you too.