Monday, December 11, 2006

Comment Moderation

I was hoping this would not have to happen, but due to some recent comments, we have turned on our comment moderator. The first thing I would like to say is this: PLEASE DO NOT LET THIS STOP YOU FROM LEAVING COMMENTS. We will only look at the comments to see if they are acceptable before we post them. Yours will be posted if it meets a few qualifications.

1. If your comment contains anything profane, crude, unkind, evil (that should make things clear for you) then it will not be posted. If you are questioning us, we will not look it over just because we have to answer long as it is appropriate.

2. If your blog has anything crude, profane, etc etc etc, (which we will be checking for) then we will not put your comment up. This does not mean that if we disagree with your theology then we will not put your comment up. There are things that are less important then arguing over such things (though I do enjoy debating).

3. If you are just complaining about our comment moderation with disrespect, then your comment will not be posted.

Re-read my post down there on commenting as a maiden or squire if you like. We have not had problems with anyone that we know personally or visit their blog and comment on it personally. I know that the people who come to our blog will generally hold themselves to a higher standard then others. This is what Christians do. Once again, please please PLEASE do not hesitate to comment! Our criteria is normal if you hold yourselves to high standards. Thank you all for your patience! We look forward to seeing what you have to say.

In Sincerity and Christ,


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