Thursday, November 30, 2006

Just to get something up...

A Sacrifice.

A leaf, brown and withered as an old wrinkled face.
Holding many memories.
That time which trees, eldest on earth,
Cry out to the Creator's glory with colors defying man's imitation.
Unto their leaves, a burst of precious life,
To fall to a dried-up doom.
Yet in that moment showing the palette of the Father's hand.
The red, warm as living blood, running deep.
The yellow-gold of joy, rich light, true lasting.
The orange of ripe sunshine, full fruit.
All original from His mind.
A sacrifice simple, praised by people.
A gift to those who see.

Yes I wrote it, and I considered posting it anonymously, but Paige put up a fuss so I am telling you it was me. This poem was inspired by something my father read me from a book several years ago. It was about how trees do not have to change color in the autumn, it is not a necessary part of the process. In fact, it uses their precious stored up energy to change their leaves those beautiful colors in the autumn, a sacrifice of sorts. I love autumn because when it comes (especially in Arkansas) in it I find a glorious display that shows the amazing creation of the Lord. I thought I would go ahead and post it, having written for a Lightning Literature class several weeks ago (yes, it is pre-written material,and maybe I am cheating by blogging it). Read it and give your honest opinion, this is one of three poems I have written in my life so I would like to know what you all think.

In Christ,

Friday, November 24, 2006

We have arrived...again

...And this time, we brought someone along for the ride. Meet Caitlin, Paige, and Alena. You may already know Caitlin and Paige from their family blog, The Arkanbloggers (where they still post). Alena is our new addition, and a sort of sister to us. You can read more about each of us in our profile section.

This is what we are about: we are three maidens who are followers of Jesus Christ striving to bring glory to His name in everything we do. Some of our beliefs may differ (random theological things) but we all share the same foundation. This also makes for good discussion within the blog. This blog will be used for encouraging our brothers and sisters in Christ, and promoting goodly discourse between people.

Now that we have gotten past the hard part of our first post, we can work on the rest of it (details, profiles, etc). Please bear with us as we fix this site up. Thank you all!!!!

Caitlin, Paige, and Alena.